MIT Cables Launch New Affordable Audio Products for Personal Audio Users

Manufacturer Will Launch New Predator™ Series of Products With Power Buy Promotion

January 8, 2015-Rocklin, CA – MIT Cables is moving into the more popular personal audio and headphone market as it enters its 31st year as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance audio and video cabling and power line treatments. The company plans to develop products in the coming year that fit into a more modern audio listening lifestyle. The first of these products is MIT’s Predator™ Series of Noise Traps and Noise Devouring Cables, which can be purchased on their new website, The MIT Buyers Club beginning January 10th, 2015.

The Predator Series of Products are affordable and easy to use “tools” that can dramatically increase the audio performance in personal audio systems like headphone amplifiers and pre-amplifiers by filtering out “noise” that is introduced either directly by others who share the same line from power companies or the appliances or tools that may share the same circuit your audio system is plugged into.

The simple “plug and play” Predatormodules contain MIT’s unique and Patented Parallel AC Filterpole Technology, used today in professional recording studios around the world, including Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Sound. The AC Filterpole networks are specifically tuned to attract and then destroy unwanted noise by converting it into harmless thermal heat as it discharges to ground. “Any recording engineer earning a paycheck today will tell you that noise is the number one concern at every stage of the production.” says Kent Loughlin, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for MIT Cables. “Why would the playback of the recording be any different? Well, its not.”

MIT will kick-off the PredatorSeries with a Power Buy Launch Party taking place on the Buyers Club website beginning January 10th through the 20th, 2015. The Power Buy, more commonly known as a “group buy”, is where consumers determine the product discount based on “group volume”. The Power Buy Launch Party will feature the Predator6 Power Strip Noise Trap with an automatic discount of 30%. Discounts go up based on how many units are sold within the ten-day period. Power Buyers can receive up to 60% once the third tier price level is established. The first 100 Power Buyers will also receive a 40% coupon code to use on other Predatorproducts through January 31st.

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