We are really happy about how our first Power Buy has gone, and we don't want it to end.. just yet! 

Yesterday we hit the 2nd level tier, providing all of our Power Buyers a 50% discount on the Predator 6. Big difference from 30%! We have also received great feedback on how the Power Buy functions, questions about shipping costs, as well as overall interest in the Predator Products. 

So.. we have decided to extend the Power Buy an additional 10 days, through January 30th ending at midnight! Now more people have time to jump in, and perhaps get the cost down to the third pricing tier of 60% off!

That's incredible!! 

A few things to remember about the Predator Power Buy...

1. Get an extra 10% off when you "like" us on Facebook or "follow" us on Twitter. You can do this before you purchase the Power Buy product, and use it getting a total of 60% off! 

2. The first 100 Power Buyers will also get a 40% off coupon code to use on other Predator products once the Power Buy is over. (Coupon code can only be used on full retail Predator products and not in conjunction with any other offers.) 

3. Sign up as a MIT Buyers Club member and get reward points and other discounts and promotions! For every dollar spent you earn a point. You can redeem your points on other purchases, including Power Buys! 

We created the MIT Buyers Club to not only provide super duper discounts and promotions, but to also fill you in on new and upcoming products. We would love to hear your feedback! 


The MIT Buyers Club Team


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