We sent our Vero Advanced Headphone Cabling System to the engineers and producers at Five/Four Productions, and here is what they had to say: 

FROM ROBERT FRIEDRICH - GRAMMY Award winning recording engineer and producer, Co-Founder/Partner - Five/Four Productions, LTD

"My observations with the two different cables compared tot the stock cables are as follows.

1. The short MIT adapter attached to the stock cable better integrated the mid range and high frequency.  Sounded like better channel isolation.  Big improvement.

2.  With the replacement cable, the low end in addition to the mid and highs were perfectly integrated, more what I would expect from loudspeakers.  Image was not only wider but deeper too.  Everything was extremely clear and easy to listen to.  Very impressive!"

"Each case was significant, but clearly the home run was the most transparent.  I put back the stock cable back on and I didn't want to listen to it anymore :(."

FROM THOMAS MOORE - Four-time GRAMMY Award winning recording producer and editor, Co-Founder/Partner- Five/Four Productions, LTD

"You might not know just how good your headphones really are unless you have the MIT Vero cabling.  The way that Vero provides a crystal clear, transparent, and three dimensional listening experience with a headphone is nothing short of astounding."

FROM IAN DOBIE - Recording Engineer (Independent) Five/Four Productions, LTD

"Adapter on ATH-M50- Big change in tonal soundscape. Imaging became wider, high frequency information smoothed out, mid range opened up, bass had better resonance and tone overall became more accurate and natural."

"Adapter on the bowling ball headphone stock cable- Basically what I heard on the ATH-m50s."

"MIT (Vero) Cable on the bowling balls- Wow. It really helped on the very top end. I played a recording that I know to be a bit shrill in places, and was with the stock cable attached, but with the MIT cable it was gone. The top end was silky smooth and the bass opened up considerably. The midrange intonation was more accurate, while still sounding natural, and harmonies sounded rich and full."

FROM MICHAEL BISHOP - Ten -Time GRAMMY Award Winner and nominated for two 2015 GRAMMY's, Recording Engineer and Producer, Co-Founder/Partner - Five/Four Productions

"Using the MIT cable with the ATH-M50s, I found marginally better definition of bass harmonics and better rendition of the midrange. High frequency info was more tightly detailed. The differences were subtle here and more careful comparison was needed. Overall tone was nicely improved with the MIT Vero adaptor."

"Vero cable with the Audeze 'fones - tighter bass definition and tighter phantom center channel imaging. Improved bass harmonics. Overall harmonic definition within complex piano passages was improved and more accurate. High frequencies seemed more effortlessly portrayed."

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