The Vero team was busy during the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado earlier this month. We proudly presented MIT's first non-cable product, the HC/AB- 29 Headphone Amplifier, the worlds first high current, battery powered Class AB headphone amp housed with MIT’s MultipoleTechnology featuring twenty-nine poles of articulation. 

Here are some of the first impressions that we have received so far! 

Part-time Audiophile - Scot Hull

From Aaron Kovics as featured in Headphone.Guru 

MIT Cables:

Ah…where do I begin with the lovely people over at the MIT (Music Interface Technologies) booth inside the Canjam hall? Their Creative Director and Public Relations person, Kim Kaplan…and the “brains behind” and amp designer, Aaron Reiff, bent over backwards to introduce me to their first ever, “not-a-cable product”. Aaron is a longtime friend of Bruce Brisson over at MIT cables. They met while Aaron was working as Chief Scoring Engineer at Skywalker Sound, and they worked on several projects together. When Bruce started working on his new Vero cable line (exhibited at Canjam SoCal), he thought of the idea to incorporate their proprietary technology into a headphone amp, which would hopefully yield the same results that the MIT “multipole” technology that is in their Vero line, provides. Bruce asked Aaron to help design a new headphone amp that will utilize this same technology.

MIT refers to their core audio cable technology as “Poles of Articulation”, because every audio cable has a single point where it is the most efficient in relation to storing and transporting energy. Each pole is targeted at a certain frequency. They tap into that point. The poles are a network inside the unit between the cables and consists of 12 poles, and the new design inside the amp, is running 29 poles on the input. From what I’ve heard in my Canjam demo with their Vero cable and new headphone amp, they really have something here!


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