MIT Cables new Vero line of products has thrust the manufacturer into the more popular personal audio and headphone market. The newest product in the Vero line, the Vero HCA 29 Headphone Amplifier, is the worlds first high current, battery powered Class A/B headphone amp housed with MIT’s MultipoleTechnology and features twenty-nine poles of articulation.

MIT Cables has been manufacturing high-end audio interfaces for more than three decades, bringing award winning products and solutions to home audio and professional recording studios around the world. Their patented Multipole Technology has been used on many Academy award winning film scores and GRAMMY Award winning recordings. Until now, Multipole Technology has only been housed within the network boxes found in MIT Cable’s award winning products. For the first time ever, MIT is now putting this technology inside of an amplifier. 


Last year, MIT Cables launched their Vero line on Indiegogo, and raised over $85,000 for the Vero Headphone Cable, making it the first product MIT Cables developed for personal and portable audio in its thirty-one year history. The project reached over 680% of their $10,000 goal, and was successful in developing the personal and portable audio line. Vero Headphone Cables are now available for purchase online through the MIT Buyers Club and are also being sold through dealers worldwide.

Founder and President of MIT Cables, Bruce Brisson began designing the Vero HCA 29 Headphone Amplifier with the help of Aaron Reiff, former Chief Engineer at Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Sound and former audio engineer at Capitol Studios in the Hollywood Capitol Records building. Reiff and Brisson began working together in the 1990’s installing a ‘looping and ADR’ room in the Technical Building at Skywalker Sound, and together worked on the renovation of Lucasfilm’s Stag Theater, also known as THX Theater #1. “There was only one guy who I knew would put as much passion and attention to detail on this project as I would.” says Brisson.

“Aaron has a true passion for sound quality.”

A planned launch of the Vero HCA 29 Headphone Amplifier is scheduled for the first week of March on Indiegogo, with an opportunity for early adopters to purchase the headphone amplifier at more than 50% off of the MSRP price of $1999.

“For thirty years MIT has dedicated itself to making the best interfacing products in the world at the greatest return on investment.” says Kent Loughlin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MIT Cables. “We are very excited about the progress we have made in the development of our personal audio line, and see amazing growth in this division in the coming years. We will continue to honor the technology of MIT products which make them so unique to the market.”


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Kim Kaplan
22 Mar 11:34

Hi Tom,
Sorry for the delay in response.. I just now saw your comment! The rendering that we initially used in our press release has been updated. You can see the newest version on the latest blog post that shows the 4 Pin XLR..

Joeke Vriezinga
02 Mar 10:36

If you already have the VERO Ref headphone cable in combination with Bass dongle and additional adapter, will a future purchase of the new announcd Vero headphone amplifier still have any added value on top of these network-cables or is that rather too much of a good thing?

Second question: I purchased all Vero cables and extentions with 4-pins balanced XLR-connectors for my Sennheiser HD-800. The front side of the new Vero headphone amp shows a 3-pins output. No compatibility here?

Tom Canale
02 Mar 05:30

Why does the amp have a 3pin connecter on the front & not a 4 pin connecter for balanced headphones

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