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What type of Music Lover are you?



Take a quick tour of our new MIT Buyers Club, as well as participate in a fun survey that will establish “What type of Music Lover” you are. By participating in this short survey, you will automatically be entered to win our most popular Vero Headphone Cable, The Vero Full Range Dongle, which can be used with any headphone including ear buds, taking your music listening experience to another level.

For more than thirty years, MIT Cables has been in the forefront of making award-winning interfaces and interconnects that are used with some of the most advanced sound systems ever made. Our patented Multipole™ Technology has been instrumental in achieving the quality in sound produced in highly acclaimed recording studios around the world, including Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Sound.

Over the last several years, the audio industry has changed dramatically, presenting high-end audio companies like MIT Cables an opportunity to evolve with the rapidly increasing popularity of personal and portable audio products including headphones and portable and desktop headphone amplifiers.

Last year, we decided to throw our proverbial hat into a very large ring with our new Vero Headphone Cable, making it the first product we developed for personal and portable audio in our thirty-one year history. Just recently, we concluded our first Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign helping to launch our Vero Headphone Cable, reaching over 680% of our goal, and raising over $85,000. We are now shipping Vero worldwide and have also developed a website for direct to consumer online purchasing of all our personal and portable audio products, as well as our Home Theater and AC Power Conditioning products through the new MIT Buyers Club.

With the success of Vero, MIT Cables Founder and President, Bruce Brisson, began research and development into other products that fit into a more modern audio listening lifestyle, and one that would benefit our MIT Buyers Club members.

Recently we unveiled the HC/AB-29 Headphone Amp during this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest that took place earlier this month. The HC/AB-29 was designed with the help of Aaron Reiff, former Chief Engineer at Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Sound, the same person who collaborated so well with Bruce when they worked together on the first renovation of Lucasfilm’s THX Theater number 1, which was responsible for raising the bar in motion picture post-production and the sound quality of such epic films as Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, Contact and many more. These films were rewarded for obtaining clarity in sound that was previously unattainable thanks to our Multipole™ Technology, MIT Cables will continue to research and develop more products that will establish Vero as the brand for our personal and portable audio division. Our goal in the coming months is to positioning ourselves as a solid contender in the development and production of personal audio components.

For thirty years MIT Cables had been dedicated to making the best interfacing products in the world at the greatest return on investment. We are very excited about the progress we have made in the development of our personal audio line, and see amazing growth in this division in the coming years, and will continue to honor the technology of MIT products, which make them so unique to the market.

Our logo and tag line has always been “More than just cable”. Today, that statement has even more meaning and will continue to brand our patented technology and now our new line of products.

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